Spotlight: Team Niemi

Henry Niemi and his business partner (and donut aficionado) Arthur make up this dynamic CG duo. They will pass their twelve-year mark with the company in March of 2018, and business is still going strong. They say that one of the best parts of being on the CG team is getting the best of both worlds. “You can be an independent contractor and have a world class company behind you.”

Niemi stumbled upon the opportunity to become a partner through a friend. He was in Band Boosters with his school rep’s wife and she had secretly submitted his name to CG. Before he knew it, he received a call from Kim Graves who invited him out to Nashville, TN. From there, Graves took him to what was then a Books Are Fun book fair and welcomed him on board.

Entertainment is a constant presence at Niemi’s events. He says the best part of events is knowing that no two customers will be alike and he constantly works on coming up with fun and engaging ways to draw in the crowds. On one such occasion, the team came up with an arm wrestling contest. The rest went like this:

Anyone that could beat him (CG team member) would win their choice of one product.  They came all day long putting their elbows down on the cash table. He would let them get their hopes up and then pin them down.  Towards the end of the day, two bruisers came down and took the challenge.  Poor boy turned seven shades of red, but they put him down and everyone was cheering and hollering for the winners!

– Henry Niemi

The team has fundraised for a diverse range of causes throughout the years. One of the most memorable causes was at a call center, which in turn donated their rebate to put a new roof on a church where a recently deceased employee was a member. Other causes the team has fundraised for include United Way, Relay for Life, and several auxiliaries. Some of the closest causes to their hearts are Salvation Army, animal shelters, and Band Boosters.

When asked about what makes this career special, Niemi says, “We bring hope to the people relying on charities, and at the end of the day, it makes my heart happy that we made a difference in the world.”

Team Niemi is based in Bonifay, FL (45 miles north of Panama City Beach). Learn more about setting up a CG event here.