Passion for Your Profession: A Day with Display Partner Jeff Golden

“Don’t you think about getting in that truck!” Jeff Golden grins at me as he disappears back into the depths of his Arvada warehouse. “I’ll be right out!” It’s 9 AM and I’m ready to head out and see what goes into the daily activities of a Collective Goods Display Partner. Today, we’re driving Jeff’s route through Aurora as he drops off the second cycle of products at 12 different schools. After several minutes, Jeff emerges from the warehouse, tosses some last-minute materials into his hulking white van, and we’re off.

The next few hours are a flurry of administrative offices, breakrooms, and friendly staff members, all of whom greet Jeff enthusiastically, commenting on his tub of things with curiosity and excitement. At one point, we passed through a middle school where the secretary was simultaneously handing myself and Jeff our visitor passes, on the phone with a parent, and talking to a coworker via walkie-talkie in her other hand. Talk about multi-tasking! Meanwhile, Jeff is whirling past her and setting up his display in a matter of minutes, nodding at the staff in the lounge, and immediately whisking me away on to the next stop.

The one constant throughout the entire day was that no matter who Jeff was talking to or where he was, he always maintained his smile and enthusiasm upon seeing the people he knew at each school, and vice versa. Even though the school staff members were typing, speed-walking to their next class, or conversing with a parent over the phone, the staff at each school was welcoming and spirited.

While many of us go into a specific field or occupation because we are genuinely interested, some people find a certain type of job and thrive in it, their excitement and passion becoming contagious everywhere they go. Jeff Golden and the staff he works with on a daily basis have such great energy and dedication to whatever they’re doing – it’s fascinating and uplifting to see first-hand. True, frustration occurs, but they always keep things upbeat and are able to laugh things off and continue along their day with an air of cheer. It’s a refreshing sight to see.

The stresses of work challenge us to remember why we started down our professional path, but if you love what you do, that passion has a funny way of turning even the most chaotic work moments into opportunities for learning and growth. We all have our reasons for going to work in the morning (or evening, as the case may be), and reminding ourselves of our own personal “why” can be the determining factor between a good day and a bad one.