6 Ways to Lend a Helping Hand This Halloween

Goblins, ghouls, and witches are hitting the streets in the coming weeks for another fun year of costumes, candy, and some outrageous decorations. Halloween is just around the corner, and everyone’s abuzz with mischievous plans.

While we all know and love Halloween for the candy and the chance to dress up and be someone completely different for a night, we often forget the many opportunities for charity that come with this unique day (and night). Switch things up this year by giving back to those in need. After all, you don’t need to be a real wizard to cast a spell of happiness on others. 

1) Shop at stores that help the community 

It’s easy to get caught up in perusing through costumes at the big-name retailers, but don’t forget that there are other options and these alternatives can help support those who truly need it. Retailers like Goodwill and the Salvation Army are treasure troves of costume material, and these organizations use some of their revenue to support some great causes, too! 

2) Donate leftover candy 

It may sound a little bizarre, but there are plenty of local and national charities that collect uneaten candy for under-served children and military personnel stationed overseas. For example, Operation Gratitude is an organization that sends care packages to deployed soldiers, wounded heroes, veterans, and many others to help them feel the love and support. 

3) Trick-or-Treat for a cause 

Combine the fun of wandering around the neighborhood searching for goodies with fundraising. One great option is through UNICEF. For years, UNICEF has been a big name in this area (who doesn’t remember those little coin boxes?), and the idea of kids helping kids through trick-or-treating is always an adorable sight to see! 

4) Donate old costumes 

Instead of letting the costumes from years past gather dust in the attic, why not give them to those who may not be able to afford a brand new one? Drop them off at your local thrift store or do some research to find some family shelters or a Boys & Girls Club in your area that might enjoy receiving a costume or two. The kids will look great, and you’ll feel fantastic for helping them out. 

5) Take kids trick-or-treating at the children’s hospital 

Unfortunately for some children, going out and about on Halloween isn’t an option, so why not bring a little spooky fun to them? This simple gesture can mean the world to a child who isn’t feeling their best and would give anything to be along for the ride. Top off your visit by making a card for them so they know people are thinking of them! 

6) Host a Halloween party for your favorite charity 

Whether you’re raising money, collecting non-perishable food, or gathering clothes for a local shelter, spread the word about your festivities and make everyone aware that the “ticket” to enter is a donation. The best part is, this idea can be applied to kids and adults alike. The entire family can get in on the action and help out an array of causes. 

Halloween is many kids’ favorite holiday. The chance to dress up and be a character for an evening is exciting and timeless for any age, but it’s also a great opportunity to help out local families and communities. The smallest gesture of kindness and caring goes a long way, so why not teach your kids about the value of helping others while they pile up the candy?